spaNET electronic spa control systems

All new electronic SpaNET control systems, currently used on Heritage Spas and by other spa manufacturers including Monarch Spas, Billabong Spas, Ray Lord Spas, & Palm Beach Spas.
Can be used as a retrofit to replace any existing spa control system.
SpaNET spa control systems utilise remote inline heaters for ease of installation.
SpaNET spa control systems will operate up to 4 single or two speed pumps, circulation pumps, air blowers, LED lights, and ozone, from 10A to 45A supply (depending on model).
SpaNET controllers are available in 3 models: XS-2000 series, XS-3000 & XS-4000 series.

SpaNET SV3 Touchpad

SKU: snsv3-t

SpaNET SV3 - Low Profile spa controller 12 button touchpad. For use on Spanet SV series controllers only. Has a RJ 6 pin phone style plug. 185mm long x 100mm wide x 6mm high Hole required - oval shaped 145m...

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SpaNET XS-2000 Low Profile NEW IMPROVED SV style Touchpad - mini din

SKU: snsv2t-md

No longer sold - contact us for replacement options SpaNET XS-2000 SV series new improved design made for XS series controllers with din plugs - Low Profile spa controller 9 button touchpad. Original XS-200...