Aeware in.xm2 Spa Control System Complete with in.k800 touchpad & remote in.therm heater

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This pack is supplied with the flagship in.k800 full colour touchpad (same size as in.k600 touchpad . Full colour display Universal spa control system - 1 - 5 pumps, circulation pump, blower, ozone and light - many combinations possible (normally 3 pumps, blower, ozone, light, with/without circulation pump) Aeware in.xm2 by Gecko Electronics 9 outputs - can accomodate a combination of the following - 1 - 3 pumps, blower, circ pump, ozone, light, aux/audio 3.8kw titanium in.therm in-line heater 15" long x 2" plastic tube, complete with unions. Utilises cables to connect to equipment - Pump 1, Pump 2, Pump 3, Blower, Ozone & Light INCLUDED.Circulation Pump & Direct AV cables extra if required. All inputs and outputs are plugged into the front panel. Incoming power supply is from the left side only through a 32mm hole (32mm gland/conduit fitting and appropriate cable set up required to maintain box seal against entry of vermin, ants, etc.) in.k800 10 button topside INCLUDED. 230v, 50Hz, 40A max single phase (can be configured for 15A), or 415v, 50Hz, 20A two or three phase. Pack 450mm wide x 260mm high x 80mm deep. Heater tube including unions 450mm long x 100mm wide x 110mm high Touchpad 221mm long x 107mm wide. Hole required 190mm x 90mm

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