Aeware twin SWIMSPA (large spa) Spa Control System Complete with in.k800 & in.k120 touchpads

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Swimspa (or large spa with 4+ pumps) spa control system
1 -5 pumps, circulation pump, blower, ozone and light - many combinations possible

2 x Aeware interconnected and plumbed in series - allows for control of 5 high powered pumps and other accessories on larger spas or swimspas fitted with swimjets and many pumps.

10 outputs - can accomodate a combination of the following - 5 pumps, blower, circ pump, ozone, light x 2, aux/audio
2 x 3.0kw in-line heaters 15" long x 2" stainless steel tube, complete with unions.

Utilises AMP cables to connect to equipment - Pump 1, Pump 2, Pump 3, Pump 4, Pump 5, Blower & Light cables INCLUDED. Ozone & Direct AV cables extra.
n.k800 colour topside and in.k120 remote topside INCLUDED. Swimspa interlink cable included.

2 x 230v, 50Hz, 32A max single phase, or 2 x 415v, 50Hz, 16A max two phase.

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