Enhance Heated Spa Bath Blower with Spa-Key remote control

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Enhance spa bath blower with built in heater and air release valve - supplied with Spa-Key remote control 

Perfect for spa bath installations where you don't want or can't fit an airbutton / wired touchpad. 
Enhance spa bath air blowers have a 600w motor, and built in 300w heater element to minimise temperature loss whilst running. 
Enhance spa bath blowers have 5 functions. 1. Off, 2. High, 3. Medium, 4. Low, 5. Wave - ramping speed. 
A necessary Sanitation cycle automatically operates the blower for 10 seconds approx 10 minutes after the blower has been used. 
​The function of this feature is to blow out any residual water in the air lines to limit bacteria growth, etc. This is a requirement for all blowers used in spa bath applications.

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