Ethink KL8880 Spa control system. 8 way Touchpad, Subpanel A, 3.0kw heater for low flow Circulation System

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Ethink KL8880 series spa control system with 8 way touchpad, secondary touchpad Subpanel A, 3.0kw heater with plumbing kit for use with E-10 low flow circulation pumps / 0.75" tubing.
Ethink KL8800 control box, 
Ethink H380-30 3.0kw heater - approx 800mm long including fittings, 
Ethink KL8880 8 button touchpad. Touchpad size - 182mm x 66mm 
Ethink KL8800spA Subpanel A - 60mm diameter 

Can be programmed and configured to run 1-2 jet pumps plus blower, ozone, light and E-10 circulation pump. 
1. Circulation Pump: E-10 or SM959
2. Pump 1: Single speed
3. Pump 2: single speed 
4. Blower: single speed 
5. Ozone: 240v or Ethink 12v unit. 
6. Light: any 12v AC incandescent lamp or LED lamp up to 12w/1A, either 2 wire 12v AC or 4 wire Ethink 12v DC
7. Auxillary output for stereo power supply connection or optional Ethink Bluetooth module.
8. Heater: H380 3.0kw only. 3/4" plumbed for use with low flow circulation pump such as Xylem E-10.

Heaters must be mounted horizontally with the sensor union fitted to inlet side of heater. The heater should be positioned on the discharge side of the pump. The heater, sensors and discharge pipe must be upright/facing up.

AMP cables included for pumps, etc.

Subpanel 'A' operates Pump 1, Pump 2, Blower and Light. 

Power requirements:
The KL8800 series spa packs can be set to minimum or maximum load shed via a DIP switch on the circuit board. 
1. Minimum load shed - the heater will disable ONLY if all 3 jet pumps are turned on. In this setting you will likely require a 32A circuit.
2. Maximum load shed - the heater will disable if any output is manually turned on. In this setting you will still likely require a 32A circuit if there are 3 jet pumps.

Electrical circuit requirement needs to be determined by adding the current drawn by all outputs. It can only potentially be reduced by taking into account total load excluding the heater if maximum load shedding is selected. This usually only reduces the power required for spas with 1-2 jet pumps.

Equipment protection:
Ethink KL8800 control box and heater must be weather and splash protected. Ensure they are installed in a well ventilated, dry location, preferably under the spa.

2 year return to base equipment warranty covers repair or replacement of any component that fails due to manufacturing defect within 2 years of sale to the consumer.

If you wish us to assist in ensuring the spa pack is correctly suited to your spa / system replacement, please complete the list of questions above. 

If you choose not to complete the questions, we will still process your order, assuming you have correctly determined suitability to match your spa requirements.

If there is no option in the list for an output fitted to your spa, either the system configuration you are viewing doesn't support it, or it needs to be controlled in a different manner.
eg if there is no option for advising Pump 3 details, its likely the system in this configuration does not support a 3rd pump. The type of touchpad does dictate how many pumps are supported.

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