Future Wave Spa Pump Speed and Energy Controller with air button control

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Future Wave spa pump speed controller and energy saver - for single speed pump spa systems.

*Exclusive portable spa pump system with airswitch operation*

If your spa utilises a single speed pump for heating and filtration, we can potentially save you hundreds of dollars per year in electricity cost as well your pump running quieter during in its automated cycles throughout day and night.
No need to replace your existing pump or spa control system.

This unit is a variable frequency drive that alters motor rotation speed without damage to the motor.
The reduced speed dramatically alters power consumption and flow rate.
3 settings:
Maximum savings - minimum speed
Flow control - set a particular desired speed / flow rate
Full power - for full jet pressure.

These 3 settings are controlled via an air button mounted adjacent to your existing spa controller, in a sequence through each of the 3 settings.
Whenever your spa controller supplies power to the pump, its via the Future Wave controller to your pump. It will always revert to the last energy saving setting used, unless the air button is operated.

Please contact us for further information and confirmation of suitability for your application, or alternate energy saving options

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