Hot Pump - Zink KL8870 Spa control system and LX TDA100, 2kw - 15A

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Spa Hot Pump - 15A - 2.0kw heater and 1.0hp pump.
Zink KL8870 series spa control system with 7 way touchpad, 2.0kw heater and LX TDA100 1.0hp pump
Zink KL8800 control box, 
Zink H220-20 2.0kw heater - 300mm long including unions, 
Zink KL8870 7 button touchpad. Touchpad size - 155mm x 73mm
LX TDA100 1.0hp pump

Supplied with 15A power cable and auxillary cable for air blower connection
1. Pump 1: Single speed
2. Blower: single speed 
Can also connect -
3. Ozone: 240v or Ethink 12v unit. 
4. Light: any 12v AC incandescent lamp or LED lamp up to 12w/1A, either 2 wire 12v AC or 4 wire Zink 12v DC
5. Auxillary output for stereo power supply connection or optional Zink Bluetooth module.

6. Heater: H220 2.0kw only. 1.5" / 40mm plumbed. 

Heaters must be mounted horizontally with the sensor union fitted to inlet side of heater. The heater can be positioned on the suction or discharge side of the pump (discharge side for low flow circ pumps)

Power requirements:
15A dedicated circuit with 15A power outlet.

Equipment protection:
Zink KL8800 control box and heater, and LX pump must be weather and splash protected. Ensure they are installed in a well ventilated, dry location, preferably under the spa.

2 year return to base equipment warranty covers repair or replacement of any component that fails due to manufacturing defect within 2 years of sale to the consumer.

Replaces obsolete hot pumps such as:
onga 4353

Commonly known as a hot pump, porta-pack or portapack

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