Spaquip 2.0kw Spa Power 601 Controller & Touchpad 15A

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Spaquip Spa Power 600 / 601 Operates: 1 x 2spd pump or 1 x single speed pump + Auxillary (pump or 1 spd blower) 1 x variable speed blower (if Auxillary not used - this is a special variable speed blower at extra cost) Circulation pump Ozone LED Light Single speed pump restriction - 1600w / 2hp - if you have a single speed pump rated at 2.5+ hp you will likely require a spa pack rated at a minimum of 20A hard wired. Two speed pumps of any capacity up to 3hp / 2200w are fine on this system. 230v, 50Hz, 15A, 2.0kw heater Supplied with 15A power cord/plug ***Pump, blower, ozone, etc cords NOT included and must be added if converting from an earlier model SP600 or other controller. This can add over $100.00

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