Waterway Dual-Flo Jet Threaded Retainer Ring

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Waterway Plastics Dual-Flo Swimjet ,Whirlpool, or Diverter jet threaded retainer ring

Waterway Plastics Dual Flo jet barrels are able to rotate 150 degrees / 1/3 of a turn, to divert the water to either this jet or one other jet system/manifold in the spa - it is this threaded ring that provides that rotation.

THIS THREADED RETAINER RING MUST BE FITTED CORRECTLY TO PREVENT DAMAGE - IT MAY NEED TO BE REVERSED FOR THE JET TO FUNCTION CORRECTLY AND TO PREVENT A 'DEAD HEAD' TO THE PUMP WHICH COULD DAMAGE THE PUMP - This depends on which side the water inlet is plumbed to. Once fitted, confirm no jet position blocks the port from the pump.

This retainer ring does NOT suit Quad-Flo jets which rotate 270 degrees.

This is the component on Dual Flo jets that usually fails first from chemical corrosion. The rest of the jet is usually still OK, so can be repaired with this replacement part. Dual-Flo jets are discontinued.

May be marked with 'LEFT' on one side and 'RIGHT' on th eother side to assist in identying correct orientation when re-fitting to an existing jet.

Suits the jet shown in the additional images

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