Waterway Turbo Jet - Whirlpool 2-3 port Diverter Jet - Grey

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Waterway Turbo Jet - Grey

(some images show dark silver glitter coloured jet - not grey)

Whirlpool 2-3 port diverter jet.
The internal valve nozzle can have a tab removed to convert from 2 port to 3 port diverter (see images)
'Similar' in design to Hydroair 3 way Butterfly diverter jet but parts are not interchangeable.

133mm diameter face
82mm diameter hole required.

Flow rate of:
320 lpm @ 5 psi, or
400 lpm @9 psi

3 x 1.5"S / 2" Spg water ports and 3/4" barb air.

Incoming water can supply multiple ports depending on how you desire the diversion of water to behave. Very careful attention to jet function must be taken when determining plumbing arrangement to/from the 3 ports.
There are a number of plumbing combinations available for both two port (2 combinations) and three port (3 configurations).

In 2 port configurations, one port must be sealed/capped off.
In 3 port configurations, the outer tab must be cut off the internal nozzle as per images.

If replacing an alternate diverter jet, plumbing configuration may vary.

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