Australian Spa Parts - Balboa water Group spa control system circuit boards PCB

Balboa Water Group printed circuit boards to suit many control systems used on LA Spas, Signature Spas, Designer Series Spas, Cyclone Spas, Infinity Swim Spas, Hibiscus Spas, Maax Spas, Leisurite Spas, Dimension One Spas, and many others

We highly recommend you consider sending your complete control system (including touchpad) for assessment / repair rather than purchasing a circuit board for your electrician to fit. Should you purchase and FIT a pcb, it CANNOT be returned as 'no longer required' or 'didn't solve the problem', etc. 

Artesian Spas Island series electronics 'Daughter' board

SKU: artesian33-0640-08

Artesian Spas Island series electronic pack add on 'daughter' board pcb - 3 pump, 50Hz Adds additional pump outputs to the standard Balboa 504 DZ spa pack which supports 2 pumps as standard. This daughter b...


Balboa GL 2000 pcb

SKU: b53708-04

Balboa GL2000 circuit board. Controls 1 or 2 spd pump 1, 1 spd pump 2, circ pump, ozone, blower and light Suits Balboa GL2000 plastic boxes only. Older GL2000 CE pcb's are mounted in aluminium boxes and hav...


Balboa GL 2001 mach 3 pcb circuit board

SKU: b53975-04

Balboa GL2001 circuit board. Controls 1 or 2 spd pump 1, 1 or 2 spd pump 2, circ pump, blower/pump 3, ozone, light. Differs from GL2000 in allowing pump 2 = 2 speed....


Balboa GL 8000 pcb circuit board

SKU: b53860-03

Balboa GL8000 replacement pcb with 16A heater relays - max heater kilowatt rating for this pcb is 3.6kw...

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Balboa GS 501 PCB

SKU: b54512-01

Balboa GS 501 replacement printed circuit board (also VS) - used on Signature Spas and others - eprom marked - GS501R1B Original PCB's looked like this one with eprom marked SCS501R1A Note the Neutral flylea...

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Balboa GS 502 PCB

SKU: b53688-02

Balboa GS 502 replacement printed circuit board. 1 or 2 speed pump WITH 24hr circulation pump, or 2 speed pump only. (circ pump will keep running even when more than 2 degrees above set point - Suits Xylem ...

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Balboa GS 520 DZ PCB

SKU: b55422-01

Balboa GS 520 DZ replacement printed circuit board...

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Balboa X-B CE Air Blower Expander Board suits GS / VS & GL / EL series

SKU: b53311

Balboa X-B CE expander board for single speed air blower. Suits both GS/VS series and GL/EL series controllers. Complete with X-Mount P 53933 expander board mounting kit (3 x plastic stand offs and an earth ...

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Dimension One Spas SLC-V Series PCB circuit board - SLCVR1D / Duplex Analogue pcb

SKU: b51114

Dimension 1 spa circuit board suits SL and some decor series spas with Laing circulation heating and ozone system, and single pump - 2spd SLCV - suits vertical mounted low flow heater systems D1 p/n. 1560-9...