2.5" 90 degree street elbow

SKU: csn409-025

2.5" 90 degree street elbow - suits USA 2.5" pipe - Socket x spigot (not 65mm) pipe. for use with swim systems etc....

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2.5" Coupling

SKU: csn429-025

2.5" coupling. (not 65mm)...

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Bo3 Ozone air inlet filter

SKU: csnuv30-10000-13

Inlet filter for : Bo3 ozone generator Ultrazone ozone ...

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CSN UltraZone UV-C & Ozone Spa Sanitising System

SKU: csnuv30-10000

ULTIMATE SPA WATER TREATMENT Best coupled with Xylem E-10 circulation pump listed here set to run 24/7 for ultimate performance. CSN UltraZone Combination UV-C and Corona Discharge Ozone Spa Sanitising Syste...

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Flood / Overfill Alert

SKU: csngn10001

Ever left a tap running and accidentally overfilled your swimming pool, spa, bath or other water vessel? Overfilling is not only a waste of water and possible home water damage, but in the case of pools and ...


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Turbo-Tech CIRC-3 Bridge Control - 10A

SKU: ft3000-200

Turbo-Tech Circ-3 variable speed circulation pump Bridge Controller - works with FT3000 Circ-3 variable speed pump ONLY Bridge controller 'control' wire plugs into spa pack Pump 1 2 speed socket. Mains wire...

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Turbo-Tech CIRC-3 Variable Speed 1.5hp 300lpm circulation pump - Discontinued

SKU: ft3000

THIS PUMP HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED Usually used with a gas heating system. If so, it's replaced (along with the Bridge controller) with a single speed 0.75hp-1hp pump Turbo-Tech Circ-3 variable speed circulat...

Turbo-Tech electronic touch button

SKU: csntp-0002

Turbo-Tech electronic touchpad button. This is the electronic touch button supplied standard with the Turbo-tech spa bath pumps 50mm diameter, 34mm hole size required. 2.5m cable....

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Turbo-Tech LED electronic touch button

SKU: csntp-0003

Turbo-Tech LED electronic touchpad button. This is an alternative electronic touch button to suit the Turbo-tech spa bath pumps 22mm diameter, requires a 19mm hole. 2.5m cable. solid metal. MUST have acc...

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Turbo-Tech Lower Suction Pump Union

SKU: csnehspe-0026

Turbo-Tech spa bath pump lower suction union assembly...


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Turbo-Tech Upper Discharge Pump Union

SKU: csnehspe-0028

Turbo-Tech spa bath pump upper discharge union assembly with air bleed valve nipple. Do not activate airbleed nipple unless the pump will not prime when the bath is filled. If the pump is installed too high...

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Ultrazone Master PCB

SKU: csnuv30-10000-10

PCB to suit Ultrazone uv/Ozone system. ...

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Ultrazone UV Ballast

SKU: csnuv30-10000-5

Ultrazone UV Ballast. ​It's recommended this part be replaced if there has been premature lamp failure. AUSLLAST A21B-220/240-TS To suit 21w UV lamp ...

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UV Replacement Check Valve Kit - suits CSN Ultrazone and Trident Clearzone S100

SKU: csnuv30-1000-7

Replacement check valve kit - suits CSN Ultrazone and Trident Clearzone S100 spa UV sterilizer systems. It's recommended the check valves on UV and ozone systems be replaced annually....


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UV Replacement Lamp - suits CSN Ultrazone and Trident Clearzone S100

SKU: csnuv70-114400

Replacement UV Lamp - suits CSN Ultrazone and Trident Clearzone S100 spa UV sterilizer systems. 9000 hr effective lamp life...

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