Australian Spa Parts - Pool Tool swimming pool & spa sacrificial zinc anodes

Sacrificial Zinc Anodes for protection of pool and spa equipment such as heaters - gas, electric and heat pump, and all other metal parts in contact with pool / spa water against the effects of galvanic corrosion & electrolysis.


How sacrificial zinc anodes work:
The inline zinc anode is bonded to the electrical earthing of the associated equipment to be protected. This protects the equipment, such as a heater, against the effects of galvanic corrosion that may occur due to potential stray currents. The zinc anode sacrifices itself and corrodes before all other metals in the pool. Replacement every 3 years may be required, or sooner if the anode is consumed.
The electrons that make up the current are supplied by one of the metals giving bits of itself in the form of metal ions in the pool water. This is galvanic corrosion
Anytime you have different metals in contact with pool water, a battery is created. Some amount of current flows between the metals. This can even occur between similar metals.
The best way to inhibit the effect of galvanic corrosion is to use a zinc anode. Zinc is a metal that gives up its metal ions faster than other metals in the pool.

We offer 6 variations of sacrificial zinc anodes for protection against galvanic corrosion -
2 for spas - clamp on 2", and 1" spigot
4 for pools - clamp on 1.5" and 2", 2" spigot and 2" tee
The clamp on anodes make retrofit to existing pools easy where the installer is unwilling to cut into the pipework to fit a Tee.
All are supplied with 1.5m of Australian 4mm Earthing conductor for bonding to the electrical earthing system - Electrician required.









Pool Tool Anti-Electrolysis sacrificial zinc anode - 2" Tee

SKU: pt104-D-anode

Pool Tool Anti-Electrolysis sacrificial anode - 2" Tee...

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Pool Tool Anti-Electrolysis Zinc Sacrificial Replacement 2" Anode Kit

SKU: pt104R-Kit

Replacement zinc anode for 2" spigot and 2" tee sacrificial anode assemblies. Replace every 3 years or sooner if eroded away....

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Pooltool Sacrificial Anode for Ladders and Rails 40-45mm diameter

SKU: pt104-b

Pooltool Sacrificial Anode for Ladders and Rails 40-45mm diameter...