Australian Spa Parts - Pentair Micro Cyclone spa & hot tub jets

Pentair Micro Cyclone spa jets 
Standard face 75mm diameter
Large face 85mm diameter 

Pentair Micro Cyclone - Directional

SKU: p9653ww

75mm Diameter Directional internal nozzle - non rotating...

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Pentair Micro Cyclone - Directional - Large Face

SKU: p9649ww

Large face version of the jets above - simply has a larger diameter escutcheon - 85mm - fits same jet body....

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Pentair Micro Cyclone - Roto Swirl

SKU: p9652ww

Same as directional in dimensions with single rotating nozzle Common on LA Spas, Monarch Spas and Maax Spas as well as many others...


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Pentair Micro Cyclone Jet Back Diffuser - Wine Glass

SKU: p956000

Pentair Micro Cyclone jet barrel diffuser - this is the white wine glass shaped plastic rear on the jet that often perishes with chemical abuse / mis-use - usually through the use of BROMINE - Do NOT use Bro...


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Pentair Micro Cyclone Jet Body

SKU: pminicycloneb

Pentair mini cyclone jet body - 3/4" x 3/8"...

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Pentair Micro Cyclone Twin Roto Pulse - Large Face

SKU: p9650ww

85mm diameter face ...

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