40mm / 1.5" Slip Fit

Air buttons listed here suit slipping snugly into Australian Class 9 40mm/1.5" pressure pipe - often used by the side of swimming pools or in-ground spas.

S&P Spa Airbutton Low Profile - White - Concrete/Gunite

SKU: wcasf199

40mm slip fit (class 9). 65mm overall diameter, 11mm height above ground. Pipe ID required - 44mm...

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Waterway Concrete / Gunite 40mm / 1.5" Slip Fit Air Button - White

SKU: ww650-3400419-1500

Waterway slip fit air button / plunger - suits 40mm / 1.5" class 9 pipe Comes with inside adaptor sleeve to suit - use without adaptor on USA pipe. 49mm diameter cap....

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