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Ozone Systems for spas and hot tub & swimming pools - corona discharge & ultra violet ozone units

Ozone is an fantastic alternative to traditional sanitiser products such as chlorine and bromine, when correctly set up. It is an incredibly powerful sanitiser and oxidiser 

Aqua Sun Ozone XL-80 Spa CD ozone generator

SKU: xl-80

Pacifica series XL-80 Corona Discharge Ozone Generator unit with built in venturi injector - easy installation. Please select plug type required Supplied with tubing and check valve built in. Air inlet tub...

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Balboa CD Ozone Generator

SKU: b59260

Balboa corona discharge 50mg/hr ozone generator AMP plug - suits the following spa packs: Balboa GS, GL and BP series Gecko Aeware in.y series Ethink KL8800 series Spatech CII & CIII series Does NOT su...


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CSN UltraZone UV-C & Ozone Spa Sanitising System

SKU: csnuv30-10000

ULTIMATE SPA WATER TREATMENT Best coupled with Xylem E-10 circulation pump listed here set to run 24/7 for ultimate performance. CSN UltraZone Combination UV-C and Corona Discharge Ozone Spa Sanitising ...

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Del Ozone CMP Bo3 Spa CD ozone generator - Adjustable 50-100mg/hr

SKU: Bo3

Bo3 Corona Discharge Ozone Generator unit from Del Ozone (division of CMP and formerly Aqua Sun Ozone) PLUG & LEAD TYPE - See here to Identify the type required Please select plug type required - standard ...

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Joyonway 50mg/hr Spa CD ozone generator P78B138

SKU: jwP78B138

Joyonway CD spa ozone generator. P78B138 50mg/hr output. 100-240v, 50-60Hz, 100mA Fitted with AMP cable/plug to suit : Joyonway P69B133 & P68B123 packs, LXKA series, Gecko Aeware in.y series, Balboa GS,...

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Ozone Detection Kit - One Use

SKU: upssdk

Spa ozone detection kit - 30 second test to determine if your ozone generator is producing sufficient ozone to sanitise your spa. The kit includes a sealed glass tube containing a blue indicator material. I...

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Zink (Ethink) KL8 series 12v AC Ozone Generator


Zink KL8 series Ozone Generator B-A01 12v AC power supply, 600mA consumption Used with Ethink KL8800, KL8-3A, and older KL8-2 and KL8-3 spa control systems * 12v AC only. ...

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