Australian Spa Parts - Davey Spaquip spa controller box 400, 601, 800, 1200

Davey Spaquip control packs are all supplied complete with touchpads - not available seperately without touchpads.
Please see Spaquip complete control systems listed under the 'Spa Control Systems Complete' subcategory.

Warranty - 2 years on controllers

Davey Spaquip Spa Power 1200 Controller Only - 3.5kw - 6.0kw

SKU: sq1200s

Spaquip Spa Power 1200 control box only - Available with 3 heater ratings: 3.5kw, 4.5kw or 6.0kw (image shows touchpad which is not included) Can operate: Up to 5 pumps - 2 x single speed pumps or 1 x 2 spd...

Davey Spaquip Spa Power 800 control pack only - 2kw

SKU: sq800aus-20

Davey Spaquip Spa Power 800 Control Box Includes 2.0 kw heater assembly. Touchpad not included. 15A power cord included 240v, 15A max, 2kw heater...

Spaquip Spa Power 400 Control Pack & Touchpad Panel

SKU: sq400aus

Used for replacement / retrofit of older Pulsar, 2095 & Intuitive series controllers, in conjunction with seperate heater assy (see Spa Control Systems Complete for this system inclusive of heater, and addit...