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Accessories for Spa & Marine waterproof stereo systems

Including: power supplies, antennae's, enclosures, amplifiers, adaptor cables


Aeware in.power - Power Supply 12v DC

SKU: aeware0702-100015

Aeware in.power stereo power supply with Aeware in/link cord. 240v AC 50/60Hz input, 12v DC, 5A output Suits all spa and marine stereo systems...

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Aeware in.terface for Audio Visual

SKU: aeware0608-521002

Gecko Aeware in.terface - Audio Visual interface control box AND 9920-400976 IR Repeater cable ( to din plug adaptor cable to connect stereo to in.terface) IN.TR-AV-2AU-2CO 0608-521002 Used with Aewa...

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Aeware in.tune / in.pix Mounting Bezel

SKU: aeware9920-100322

Aeware in.tune or in.pix spa cabinet mounting bezel. in.tune mounts at approx 30 degree angle for easy access / reading of display. Black 307mm x 185mm high, suits cabinet hole - 275mm wide x 150mm high. Su...

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Aeware in.tune / IR Repeater Cable

SKU: aeware9920-400976

Aeware IR repeater cable to connect Aeware in.tune, spa stereo units to Aeware spa packs via in.terface box to enable touchpad stereo controls from the Aeware in.k600 touchpad. Also to connect in.s...

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Aeware in.tune Receiver Radio Antennae

SKU: aeware9920-400944

Aeware in.tune receiver radio antennae...

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Aeware IRMT-4 IR Sensor for IRMT-4 remote control

SKU: aeware9920-100324

Aeware spa mounted IR sensor for use with IRMT-4 floating remote control in order to control spa functions on spas fitted with Aeware in.xe, in.y and in.xm spa packs - plugs into CO (communications) port Als...

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Gecko / Hydroquip IRMT-4 IR Sensor for IRMT-4 remote control

SKU: g9920-100165hq34-0195

Gecko / Hydroquip spa mounted IR sensor for use with IRMT-4 floating remote control in order to control spa functions on spas fitted with Gecko MSPA-MP, Hydroquip CS9700 spa packs Comes with adaptor cable of...

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Gecko Infra-red Stereo Sensor

SKU: g9920-100323

Gecko Aeware IR sensor 25mm hole size required to be installed above maximum water level Use IRMT-4 Floating remote control handset (sold seperately) to control all compatable Aeware in.tune or in.chant func...

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Joyonway Bluetooth Audio Module

SKU: jwP209B70

Joyonway Bluetooth Stereo Module Connect 2 x 15w, 4 ohm speakers. Connect to/control from bluetooth enabled portable device such as mobile smart phone or MP3 player Compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad, Androi...

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Poly Planar 3.5mm stereo MP3 adaptor Cabinet Socket

SKU: sd6473-363artesianop33-02

Convenient hassle free way to connect your portable music devise to your spa / marine stereo system without the need to access the rear of the stereo - simply plug straight into the side of the spa cabinet. ...

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Poly Planar spa stereo wiring harness assembly

SKU: sd6560-515

Poly Planar Wiring Harness Assembly for Sundance Spas and Artesian Spas fitted with Poly Planar waterproof marine stereos. Designed for use on Poly Planar systems but will work with other stereo's. Wiring ha...

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Sunspa Stereo Amplifier

SKU: sun918

Sunspa stereo amplifier HT-C02 2 x 8w 12v DC input required (sold seperately - sun893) This is a direct replacement part only - do not purchase if you are not replacing like for like. This unit has multipl...

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