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Spa venturi injectors - ozone venturi injectors
We carry a range of ozone venturi injector tee fittings from different manufacturers. 
Venturi injectors can be used to draw ozone into the spa water or used to draw in chemicals from an automatic chamical dosing system.
Venturi injectors suck ozone/chamicals due to a vacuum created as water passes straight through



CMP Venturi Injector 3/4" Barbed

SKU: cmp23006-010-000

PVC ozone Venturi injector - draws ozone into the passing water 3/4" barbs x 1/4" ozone barb Suited to spa low/high speed pump, or circulation pump systems ...

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Waterway Venturi Ozone Injector - 3/4"RB x 3/8"RB

SKU: ww670-3010

Ozone Venturi injector which works in the same manner as a Mazzei injector 3/4" ribbed barbs x 3/8" / 9mm injector barb (most others are a 1/4" / 6mm injector barb - we have 1/4" - 3/8" reducer barb coupling...


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