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Davey / Spaquip Classic Heater Element Carrier

SKU: sq3021

Suits Davey / Spaquip Classic range of electric spa heaters The element screws through this part, The pressure switch capillary screws onto the brass nipple. The heater tank body o-ring seats around the outs...


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Davey / Spaquip Spa Power 500A Heater Element Carrier

SKU: sq3021A

Heater element carrier. Suits Davey / Spaquip Spa Power 500A and 500A Mk2 electronic spa controllers Does NOT suit Spa Power 54500 (500) The element screws through this part, The water sensor screws into the...


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Davey Spaquip 50mm Heater Tee O-ring Kit

SKU: sq50hteeokit

O-Ring Kit to suit Davey Spaquip Ampac SP400 / Pulsar / 2095 series / Intuitive series 50mm heater tee Suits: Davey Spa power 400 Spaquip 2095 & Intuitive series Spaqip / Ampac / AquaPacific Pulsar 208x ser...

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Davey Spaquip Classic Heater Thermostat Knob

SKU: sq960411

Thermostat knob to suit Davey, Spaquip, Poolquip electric heaters ...

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Davey Spaquip Spa Power 600 / 601 / 750 / 800 / 1000 / 1200 Heater Tube & Element O-Ring - Oval brass bulkhead style

SKU: sq3019962853

Davey Spaquip Spa Power plastic heater tube and element o-ring. Suits all models as indicated below ONLY. Existing element must have large oval shaped brass bulkhead to suit. (newer titanium elements have 2 ...


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Heater Element Hardware Kit

SKU: tp40-50000

Heater element hardware - element nuts, terminal nuts and o-rings Supplied standard with elements. Available here seperately for repair jobs. Used in USA made heater tubes used in Balboa, Gecko, Spa Builders...

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Spaquip 40mm Heater Tee O-ring Kit

SKU: sq40hteeokit

Spaquip 40mm heater tee O-ring Kit 3 x 40mm O-Rings Suits older 40mm symmetrical heater tee's used on: Spaquip / Ampac / AquaPacific / Aquaswim Pulsar series spa controllers 208x series Spaquip / Englefield ...

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Spaquip 40mm spa Heater Tee - Pulsar, 2095, Intuitive series

SKU: sq6038

DISCONTINUED - NO LONGER AVAILABLE ​Used in conjunction with Scorpio and Magnum spa and spa bath pumps Suits Pulsar, 2095 and Intuitive series spa controllers as well as Englefield, Wilton and other spa bat...

Spaquip 40mm threaded, 50mm Spg x 40mm Skt Heater Tee Male Tail Union Body

SKU: sq4108

Spaquip / Davey 'male tail' threaded union section with 50mm/2" spigot x 40mm/1.5" socket. Thread size is 40mm union size (approx 70mm OD) This is a specialty component used on (and supplied with) Spa Pow...

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Spaquip 40mm Union & Element O-Ring

SKU: sq4109

Used on : 40mm Spaquip barrel unions & pump unions, Heater element O-ring for: Davey Spa Power 400, Spaquip 2095 series & Intuitive series, Spaquip / Ampac / AquaPacific / Aquaswim Pulsar 208x series, Englef...

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Spaquip 40mm Union w/40mm Tail Socket

SKU: sq411441094110

40mm Spaquip Pump union / heater union - Suits Scorpio and Magnum pumps, and Spa Power 500 heaters Comprises tail, nut and o-ring...

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Spaquip 50mm spa Heater Tee - Pulsar, 2095, Intuitive series & Spa Power 400

SKU: sq3051

Spaquip 50mm heater tee - Used with Monster and Maxi Flow pumps - Suits Pulsar, 2095, Intuitive series and Spa Power 400 controls...

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Spaquip 50mm Union O-Ring

SKU: sq5112

Used on 50mm Spaquip unions as well as new 50mm Heater Tees in conjunction with a Heater Element O-Ring and a 40mm union O-Ring...

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Spaquip 50mm Union w/50mm Tail Socket

SKU: sq511251135114

50mm Spaquip Pump union / heater union - Suits Monster and Maxi Flow pumps, and all Spa Power heater barrels (600, 601, 750, 800, 1000, 1200) Comprises tail, nut and o-ring...

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Spaquip Element Carrier O - Ring - suits Spa Power 500 / Classic Heater

SKU: sq3022

Spaquip element carrier O ring - fits Classic 2.3kw, 4.5 and 5.5kw heaters, and Spa Power 500 series heaters....

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Spaquip Heater Cover Retainer Ring - Black - Suits 50mm Pulsar, 2095 and Spa Power 400 heaters

SKU: sq3054

Davey/ Spaquip heater union retainer ring Limited to stock on hand - do not 'Backorder' if insufficient or nil stock displays. These are used with 50mm heater tee's on: Pulsar series, 2095 series, Intuitive ...


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Spaquip Heater Tube Insert - Suits Circulation Pump Applications Spa Power 601 / 800 / 1200

SKU: sq6927

Spaquip Heater Tube insert - used on pre oct 2015 Spa Power 601, 800, and 1200 systems with low flow circulation pump systems. For these systems without the insert, overheat issues are more likely due to the...

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Spaquip Omron 30A spa heater contactor relay

SKU: sq927531

Available with push on spade terminals or screw down terminals - used in Spaquip Classic heaters and can be used on all single pole spa heaters (6kw max) Rated at 240v, 30A AC1 resistive load....

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