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Hydroair Micro'ssage (Microssage) and Converta'ssage (Convertassage) spa jets

Hydroair Converta'ssage / Micro'ssage Jet Body 3/4"S x 3/8"B

SKU: haimicrossagebody

Hydroair Microssage / Convertassage jet body with 3/4" socket water x 3/8" barb air Accepts Micro'ssage grill and flow path assy shown above or directional Converta'ssage jet nozzle assy kit....


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Hydroair Convertassage ( Converta'ssage ) Jet Face Assembly

SKU: 55-470-1245

Hydroair Converta'ssage Jet Escutcheon Kit / Faceplate & Eyeball assembly Interchanges with Micro'ssage grill & flowpath assy....


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Hydroair Microssage ( Micro'ssage ) Jet - Complete - White

SKU: 54-470-1140

Hydroair Microssage Jet - complete 1" / 25mm air x 1" / 25mm water...


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Hydroair Microssage ( Micro'ssage ) Jet Internal - Grill & Flowpath Assembly - Rotating Kit

SKU: hai16-5230

Microssage ( or Micro'ssage) Caged style replacement jet face with rotating nozzle 90mm Diameter escutcheon Retrofits directional Convertassage jet faces also Twist lock escutcheon 1/8 turn Used on many spas...

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