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Spaquip (Davey) Magnum spa and bath pump spare parts

Spaquip 40mm Union w/40mm Tail Socket

SKU: sq411441094110

40mm Spaquip Pump union / heater union - Suits Scorpio and Magnum pumps, and Spa Power 500 heaters Comprises tail, nut and o-ring...

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Spaquip Magnum 1.0hp Impeller

SKU: sq6761

Spaquip Magnum impeller - 1.0hp. Suits 14mm diameter motor shaft ONLY 109mm diameter, 7.1mm vane width x 5 vanes, 84mm overall length Accomodates a 3/4" standard seal over shaft sleeve. 16.5mm shaft diameter...

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Spaquip Magnum Diffuser

SKU: sq6728

Spaquip Magnum pump diffuser - fits over the impeller inside the pump...

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Spaquip Magnum Front Casing O-Ring

SKU: sq6575


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