Australian Spa Parts - Waterway Plastics Dual-Flo, Quad-Flo, Turbo Diverter & Power series spa jets

Waterway Dual-Flo and Quad-Flo Diverter Jets and Power series spa jets. 
Popular in the 1990's on many Australian and other spas.
Dual-Flo diverter jets have been used heavily on Maax Spas up to approx 2010
Quad-Flo diverter jets have been used on numerous brands until around 2003
Power series jets were used on Hibiscus Spas in the 90's

Power series jets have a shorter barrel/body than the diverter jets.
The only difference in function between a Dual-Flo diverter and a Quad-Flo diverter is the position and amount of rotation of the jet barrel.
The threaded retainer ring dictates which type it is. Reversal of the retainer ring is required on some installations to make the jet work correctly. 

Turbo Jets are relatively new since approx 2012 and are a replacement option to dual / quad flo jets as well as other diverter jets.

Waterway Dual-Flo Jet Internal -Diverter Swimjet - 5 Point Scallop - Grey 212-4147

SKU: ww212-4147

Waterway Plastics Dual-Flo Swimjet ,Whirlpool, or Diverter jet internal jet barrel 212-4147 Discontinued line - limited to stock on hand 120mm diameter face, 36.5mm ID nozzle, 25mm orifice Waterway Plastics ...

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Waterway Power Series Jet Body - 1/2"S Air x 1"S Water

SKU: ww212-4770

Waterway Power Series Jet Body - 1"S water x 1/2"S air Hole size required - 87.5mm Obsolete jet - limited stock to stock on hand...

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Waterway Power Series Jet Internal - Roto

SKU: ww212-4827

Waterway Power Series Roto Deluxe spa jet internal barrel These jets are scarce We have a supply in GREY only 120mm diameter escutcheon. Does not suit Dual or Quad Flo jet replacement - this jet is much sho...

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Waterway Power Swim Jet Internal - Swimjet - Black

SKU: ww212-4881

Limited to stock on hand - Do not 'Backorder' if nil stock displays Waterway Power Swim Jet directional spa jet internal barrel - Black (jet face only - body shown in images is for reference only) These jets...

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Waterway Quad-Flo Jet Body

SKU: ww212-4000

Quad-Flo jet body - 2"S x 1.5"S x 1.5"S water (3 sockets) x 1" air Hole size required - 87.5mm Limited to stock on hand...

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Waterway Quad-Flo Jet Internal - Swimjet - Deluxe - Grey

SKU: ww212-4517

Quad-Flo spa jet barrel - swimjet diverter - grey only. Limited to stock on hand - Discontinued product 120mm diameter face Quad-Flo jets rotate 270 degrees to divert water from this jet nozzle to 2 other di...

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Waterway Turbo Jet - Whirlpool 2-3 port Diverter Jet - Grey

SKU: ww210-4397

Waterway Turbo Jet - Grey (some images show dark silver glitter coloured jet - not grey) Whirlpool 2-3 port diverter jet. The internal valve nozzle can have a tab removed to convert from 2 port to 3 port div...

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