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Onga / Dega spa thermostat printed circuit boards

We highly recommend you consider sending your complete control system (including touchpad) for assessment / repair rather than purchasing a circuit board for your electrician to fit. Should you purchase and FIT a pcb, it CANNOT be returned as 'no longer required' or 'didn't solve the problem', etc. 

Onga Bathmaster V2 control pcb ONLY

SKU: o707085

Replacement control PCB for Onga spa bath pump systems - Bathmaster VERSION 2 ONLY Please note that all Bathmaster V2 components are discontinued - touchpad components no longer available. Ensure your elec...

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Onga DR spa bath pump pcb

SKU: o512180

onga (Balboa) DR series spa bath pump circuit board. Suits pump models 2377, 2387, 2397, 2407 DR pumps are controlled by a single round touch button on the bath. The pumps have a heater module. This pcb is ...


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