Waterco electronic spa control boxes

Waterco Portapac 4555100E / 4555140 Electronic Control Box - Mk1 and Mk2 Complete

SKU: wc6381603

Waterco Portapac Mk2 spa hot pump replacement electronic control box Discontinued 2 replacement options: a. A complete hot pump replacement system for Mk1 pumps such as 4555100 (with no electronic circuit bo...

Waterco Portapac Mk2 Replacement PCB

SKU: wc6381603-pcb

Waterco Portapac spa pump pcb circuit board kit (supplied in box as pictured but must be carefully removed and fitted to original Mk2 control enclosure due to different mounting) Complete control box no lon...

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Waterco Portapac Mk3 Hot Pump Control Box

SKU: wc6381617

Waterco Portapac Mk3 spa hot pump replacement electronic control box Use with 45551413 and 45551403 Waterco Portapac pumps fitted with single large threaded heater elements. Does not suit Mk1 or Mk2 Waterc...

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Waterco Portapac Premium boost Electronic Control Box Assy - Complete - 4555144, 146

SKU: wc6381614

Suits Waterco Portapac Premium Boost electronic touchpad systems - complete control box with pcb. Suits systems with 45551285 touchpad Controls 2 x pumps, light, aux outputs and heater....


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