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S&P Turbo Jet 19mmBarb x 9mm Barb

SKU: wcasp399

One of the most common jets available on almost all spa brands dating back 15+ years 83mm D, 65mm hole size, 3/4" hose x 3/8" air hose connection...

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S&P Turbo Jet 40x40 skt

SKU: wcasf440

Same as barb jet except pipe connections are T body for both air and water - 40mm pipe on both lines. Air venturi has a glue in plug allowing 1/2" pipe straight through rather than 40mm pipe on air only....

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S&P Turbo Jet Replacement Directional Nozzle assy

SKU: wcasp005

Internal nozzle assy comprises the nozzle, and 2 retainer rings with neoprene seals. Older jets used rubber o rings. When o rings perish the air venturi action of the jets ceases or leaks from the air contro...

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S&P Ultra Standard Jet Face

SKU: wcasf272

75mm Diameter Face 48mm Diameter across threaded rear...

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