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Waterway Plastics Suregrip fittings and tube

3/4" Barb Coupling

SKU: pf190100

3/4" Barb Coupling - Glues inside 19mm / 3/4" clear vinyl tubing to extend the pipe, particularly after a repair such as replacing a jet or manifold...

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3/4" Barb Tee

SKU: pf190110

3/4" Barb Tee...

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Edgetec 3/4" x 2" Spg Barb Adaptor

SKU: e4822

Edgetec 3/4" ribbed barb x 2" spigot adaptor...

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Waterway 3/4" Barb 4 Port x 1"S In-line Manifold

SKU: ww672-4410

4 x 3/4" smooth barbs in parallel on one end. 1"/25mm socket on the other end...

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Waterway 3/4" x 1.5"Spg Barb Adaptor

SKU: ww413-4360

Waterway 3/4" barb x 1.5" spigot adaptor...

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Waterway 50mm / 2" Spigot 45 degree Elbow

SKU: ww411-2200

Waterway 2" spigot x 2" spigot 45 degree elbow. Perfect for use from pump unions or isolation valves when coupling with manifolds or other 2" socket fittings....


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Waterway Mini Storm Jet Body 3/4"SB x 3/8"B

SKU: ww212-0330

SPECIAL Waterway Mini Storm Jet Body - smooth barbed version. 55mm hole required 3/4" Smooth Barb water x 3/8" barb air hose connection....

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Waterway Mini Storm Jet Body 3/4"SB x 3/8"B - Bulk Buy - BOX OF 20 JET BODIES

SKU: ww212-0330-20

SPECIAL Bulk Buy - BOX of 20 Jet Bodies Waterway Mini Storm jet body smooth barbs for water and air Fits 55mm hole Discounted due to overstock - while stocks last...

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Waterway Power Storm Jet Body 3/4" Socket x3/8" SB - Snap in style

SKU: ww212-0020

SPECIAL 95mm hole size required 3/4" socket x 3/8" hose connection. Snap in style...

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