Australian Spa Parts - Ethink KL8800 series electronic spa control systems - KL8870, KL8880, KL8890

Ethink KL8800 series electronic spa control systems suit almost all spa applications up to 3 jet pumps. 

They support 10A - 32A power circuits single phase, and up to 16A three phase. 

Ethink KL8800 series spa control systems are capable of supporting the following: 

Circulation pump plus up to 3 jet pumps (circulation pump of any type. eg E-10, E-14, JA35, Circ-Master), or 
1 to 3 single speed pumps, or 
2 speed pump plus up to 2 single speed jet pumps
Single speed air blower 
240v Ozone, or
12v AC ozone
12v AC 2 wire incandescent or LED lamp, or string lighting, or 
12v DC 4 wire Ethink LED colour lamp, or string lighting. 
240v Stereo power supply output, or 
12v AC Ethink Bluetooth dual channel stereo module 
Heating Options: 
1.5" / 40mm H220 heater. 1.5kw or 2.0kw options (can be used with KL8870 and KL8880 touchpads only)
2" / 50mm H380 heater. 3.0kw (dual 1.5kw elements - one can be diasbled if only 1.5kw heating is suitable)

Touchpads - 4 choices:
KL8870 - 7 button single jet pump, H220 or H380 heater 
KL8880 - 8 button two jet pumps, H220 or H380 heater 
KL8882 - 8 button two jet pumps, H380 heater only 
KL8890 - 9 button three jet pumps, H380 heater only
Secondary Touchpads - 2 choices:
A - can be used with KL8870 and KL8880 touchpads only 
B - can be used with KL8882 and KL8890 touchpads only

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