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Spanet XS3c circulation pump wet end parts

LX Whirlpool Hydromassage JA/LP/WP/TDA/EA Series Silicon Carbide Mechanical Seal Assembly

SKU: lxscscv

Premium Silicon Carbide LX Whirlpool Hydromassage JA, LP, WP, EA, TDA series pump mechanical seal assembly Suits LX JA35, JA50, LP200, WP300, TDA100, EA450Y etc. Also suits: Spaquip QB series pumps and ...


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Mechanical Seal Assembly 5/8" Booted Cup with 3/4" Ceramic / Carbon

SKU: sqsb16

Mechanical Seal Assembly - suits Spaquip QB series pumps, Spanet XS-30, Spanet XS3c,, most LX pumps. Consists of a 5/8" cup seal with a light spring, combined with a rubber L seal, and a 3/4" standard cerami...

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SpaNet XS 3C Capacitor 7uF

SKU: snxs-3c-cap



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