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Replaceent filters and parts for Artesian Spas

Artesian Spas Island series filter lid - 2005

SKU: artesianop26-0110-48

Artesian Spas 2005 Island series and Gold series filter lid 465mm wide x 278mm deep...

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Artesian Spas Platinum class filter lid

SKU: artesianop26-0250-85

Artesian Spas Platinum and Platinum Elite filter lid...


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Artesian Spas pleated filter cartridge 50 sqft

SKU: mAR50

AR50 Artesian Spas 50 sqft replacement filter cartridge 205mm high x 178mm diameter x closed top with D handle. 59mm OD / 2" MPT fine thread bottom Sold individually. ...

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Artesian Spas Quali-flo disposable filter cartridge plug / cap

SKU: artesian06-0050-48

Artesian Spas disposable Quali-flo filter plug / Nature 2 cartridge holder fits disposable purple Quali-flo filters. Artesian nature 2 cartridge screws into the underside...


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Artesian Spas Weir Assembly - Frame & Gate

SKU: artesian04-0016-52

Artesian Spas Weir Assembly...

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