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Ozone air pumps and air stones - for forced positive pressure ozone systems

Monarch Industries Spa Ozone Airstone Fitting Assembly Complete

SKU: m0436

Monarch Ozone Airstone Assembly - Grey - complete with airstone 49mm diameter, projects 36mm into spa. Cover clips off to access/replace threaded airstone. 26mm diameter hole required. 6mm barb for ozone tub...

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Ozone Airpump

SKU: aqw2

High Quality German made unit. Used to pump air into ozone generators using 24hr airstone systems such as Clearwater, Monarch, and Zox. (Dimension One Spas use a larger airpump of the same variety - also ava...


Ozone Airpump - High Volume

SKU: aqw3

High quality German made unit. Suits Dimension One Ultra Pure systems and other higher flow applications. Also suits applications with deeper water (higher back pressure)position of the air stone Its physica...