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The LED stand alone lamps listed below are suited ONLY to specific electronic spa pack make/models. 
They will not connect to / operate on any other system. 
Some lamps may be able to have limited synchronised chain/string lighting added

Davey Spaquip Spa Power Rising Dragon Variable Colour LED Slave Light

SKU: sqrd5lh-qrdl7gsl

Davey Spaquip 5" / 125mm variable colour LED slave light assembly manufactured by Rising Dragon Can only be used with Davey Spa-Quip controllers - Spa Power 400, 600, 601 - Use as a solo light only Spa Power...


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Davey Spaquip Spa Power Variable Colour LED Light

SKU: sq3708L

Spaquip variable colour LED light - Can only be used with Spa-Quip controllers - Spa Power 400, 600, 800, 1200 series - Lamp comes complete with Rising Dragon RD631-1071 Light Housing - diameter of 81.5mm - ...

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