Australian Spa Parts - Arctic Spas parts

Arctic Spas - Specific parts for Canadian made Arctic Spas
Products listed were used on Arctic Spas in 2001, some are current.
Jets and fittings are black.
Many of these parts can be found in other categories in different colours.



Gecko / Spa Builders k-8 / TSC-8 SEVEN Button Overlay Sticker

SKU: g9916-100331

Gecko K-8 / TSC-8 touchpad decal - SEVEN button - this is not a common configuration in Australia - button assignments are differnet and most use 8 buttons Button configuration: Across the top - Pump 1, Li...

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Gecko / Spa Builders TSC-8 / K-8 Panel - 8 button

SKU: gbdltsc8ge1

Gecko control panel - topside TSC-8 / K-8 8 Button spa touchpad. 178mm x 83mm, hole size required - 160mm x 67mm Gecko Electronics TSC-8 Used on MSPA-MP and MSPA-1 spa packs Replaces Arctic Spas TSC-14 c...

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Gecko / Spa Builders TSC-8 / K-8 Panel - SEVEN Button

SKU: gbdltsc8ge2

Gecko SEVEN button touchpad - K-8 / TSC-8 - marked as follows: Across the top - Pump 1, Light, Pump 2 Across the bottom - Blower, Up, Down, Economy NB - this is NOT a common touchpad configuration in Austral...

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Rising Dragon Blue Falls Arctic Spas 9" to 5" Light Housing Adaptor Kit

SKU: rdbf631-1014-K

Rising Dragon 9" to 5" Light Housing Adaptor Assembly Replaces 9" light used on Blue Falls Arctic Spas 2002-2006 Can be used in any other suited above ground level application as well. (cannot be used bel...

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Waterway 50mm / 2" Spigot x Spigot 90 degree Elbow

SKU: ww411-2100

Waterway 2" spigot x 2" spigot 90 degree elbow. Perfect for use from pump unions or isolation valves when coupling with manifolds or other 2" socket fittings....

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Xylem (ITT Laing Thermotech) E-10 Circulation Pump 3/4" Barbed

SKU: xylem6080u0021

Xylem (formerly ITT Laing Thermotech) E - 10 electronically commutated canned spherical motor centrifugal spa circulation pump PLUG & LEAD TYPE - See here to Identify the type required Used in many spas &...

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