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Sundance Spas high flow circulation pump - 50Hz Export

SKU: sd6500-911

Sundance Spas high flow circulation pump - side discharge. used on Sundance Spas - 2005+ 880 series. Aquaflo XP2 06040000-2, 2" xp2 48 fr pump wet end with Emerson K55MYKHF-9557 motor. 240v, 50Hz, 1/15hp, 0....


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Turbo-Tech CIRC-3 Bridge Control - 10A

SKU: ft3000-200

Turbo-Tech Circ-3 variable speed circulation pump Bridge Controller - works with FT3000 Circ-3 variable speed pump ONLY Bridge controller 'control' wire plugs into spa pack Pump 1 2 speed socket. Mains wire...

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Turbo-Tech CIRC-3 Variable Speed 1.5hp 300lpm circulation pump - Discontinued

SKU: ft3000

THIS PUMP HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED Usually used with a gas heating system. If so, it's replaced (along with the Bridge controller) with a single speed 0.75hp-1hp pump Turbo-Tech Circ-3 variable speed circulat...

Turbo-Tech Wave 1.5hp 300lpm variable speed massage pump & touchpad

SKU: ft20002000-200-300

Turbo-Tech Wave 1.5hp variable speed massage pump with 3 button touchpad. Perfect single speed pump replacement - turns your existing single speed system into a super efficient and energy conserving variable...


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Waterway 20 sqft 5" Top Load Circulation Pump Filter, 1" connection

SKU: ww510-3601

Waterway 5" top load filter with 1" / 25mm sockets and 20 sqft cartridge. Perfect for use with low flow Xylem E-10 circulation pumps used with ozone systems and spa control systems. 2 x 3/4" barb adaptors w...

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Xylem (ITT Laing Thermotech) E-14 High Flow Circulation Pump 1.5" - 115w - NO unions

SKU: xylem6080u0014

SUPER ECONOMICAL SPA CIRCULATION PUMP - ONLY 115W ! - The most economical mid flow circulation pump in the spa industry. Unions NOT included For replacement of existing E-14 pump, unions are not required. ...

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