Australian Spa Parts - Laing Thermotech electric spa heater elements and spa heater tube assemblies

Laing Thermotech replacement spa heater assemblies to suit a variety of spa control system makes/models
Low flow 1" tube designed heaters typically paired with a Xylem E-10 circulation pump (or older Laing Thermotech SM959)

Dimension One Spas FastFlo Heater

SKU: d101563-20

Dimension One spa heater used on 1998-current Reflections series spas 5.5kw total with multiple rating combination options - 2.1, 2.7, 2.9, 4.1, 4.3, 5.5kw...

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Dimension One Spas MSPA-MP 5.2kw Heater

SKU: d101563-0033e

Dimension One Spa heater to suit Gecko MSPA spa pack. This heater differs from the similar style used in Australia in that it has no pressure switch tap and the inlet port faces down. This heater is used wit...

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Laing LA Spas Circulation Heater 2.7kw

SKU: hq26-0066A-KIT-PS

Replacement for LA Spas PTEL-63003 Laing Circulation Heater - 2.7kw 3234-2A Can also be used as a replacement for other shaped low flow heaters provided the system/power supply supports 2.7kw heater. Heater ...


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Laing Therm products Infinity Gecko SSPA spa heater replacement - 2.7kw

SKU: tpc3226-2H

2.7kw = 11.25A - cannot be used on 10A power supply. As long as the spa has 15A+ power your electrician should be able to confirm this heater will suit. Replaces older 2.0kw heaters no longer available Lai...

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Universal 1" low flow spa heater replacement - 2.7kw

SKU: tpc3478-1A

2.7kw circulation style universal heater replacement with threaded pressure switch tap (pressure switch sold seperately) to suit Gecko Electronics SSPA, MSPA-MP spa packs and many other circulation heater ap...


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