Australian Spa Parts - Spaquip Scorpio spa & bath pump wet end parts

Spaquip Scorpio spa and bath pump wet end spare parts

Spaquip 40mm Union w/40mm Tail Socket

SKU: sq411441094110

40mm Spaquip Pump union / heater union - Suits Scorpio and Magnum pumps, and Spa Power 500 heaters Comprises tail, nut and o-ring...

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Spaquip Scorpio Pump Body

SKU: sq6036

Davey Spaquip Scorpio Pump Body Self draining design suitable for both spa and spa bath pumps Replaces older desin pump bodies with bolted on Tee for heater. If replacing that design, a new threaded Tee will...


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Spaquip Scorpio Pump Body O-Ring

SKU: sq6031

Davey Spaquip Scorpio pump body o-ring...

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