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Hydroair Verta'ssage (Vertassage) spa jets

Hydroair Vertassage ( Verta'ssage ) Spa Jet

SKU: hai16-5650wht

Hydroair Verta'ssage Spa Jet Assembly with 1" socket air x 1.5" socket water Rotating Oval Pattern spa jet 181mm High x 121mm Wide. Hole size required - rectangular with rounded ends 143mm x 85mm, secured by...


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Hydroair Vertassage / Therassage Flow Path Assembly

SKU: hai56-5660

Hydroair Flow Path Assembly to suit Vertassage and Therassage jets 120mm long ...

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Hydroair Vertassage Grill Assembly - White

SKU: hai56-5612

Hydroair Vertassage jet grill / faceplate - clips on. White only. Grey discontinued. 120mm wide x 180mm high...

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