Sunsound Stereo

Poly Planar 3.5mm stereo MP3 adaptor Cabinet Socket

SKU: sd6473-363artesianop33-02

Convenient hassle free way to connect your portable music devise to your spa / marine stereo system without the need to access the rear of the stereo - simply plug straight into the side of the spa cabinet. ...

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Poly Planar spa stereo wiring harness assembly

SKU: sd6560-515

Poly Planar Wiring Harness Assembly for Sundance Spas and Artesian Spas fitted with Poly Planar waterproof marine stereos. Designed for use on Poly Planar systems but will work with other stereo's. Wiring ha...

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Sundance Spas Poly Planar Pop Up Stereo Speaker Assembly with IR

SKU: sd6560-501

Poly Planar speaker made for Sundance Spas. Pop up speaker with infra red remote control sensor, speaker and IR wiring harness. MA7020GIR This speaker is different to the MA7020G which has no infra red senso...


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