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Hydroair Adjustable VSR spa jets

Adjustable VSR roto and Multiport VSR
Older designed Adjustable VSR jets use 2 small locking tabs to secure the jet barrel in place. These are easily broken.
New design Adjustable VSR jets use a much stronger moulded bayonet mounting that cannot be broken.

We carry a large quantity of Multiport VSR old style and also the new improved Adjustable VSR roto with matching adaptor ring. The adaptor ring is required to glue into the jet body to convert old body to new, to sui tthe new jet barrel. Not used/required for the older Multiport VSR mentioned above.

Hydroair Adjustable VSR Jet Body - 3/4" Socket x 3/8 " barb air

SKU: hai16-5778

CLEARANCE SPECIAL - OVERSTOCK ITEM Hydroair Adjustable VSR jet body - Old style (for use with 2 tab old style jet barrels such as 16-5781gry. Can be used with new jet barrels as long as the adaptor required...

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Hydroair Adjustable VSR Roto Handle & Nozzle Jet face - NEW STYLE with retrofit lock ring

SKU: hai16-5805gry36-5806

Hydroair adjustable VSR jet barrel ((handle & nozzle) roto - smooth - grey. Retrofit Kit - includes retrofit lock ring - lock ring is glued into older style jet body to accomodate these new jet barrels. Note...

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Hydroair VSR Multiport Jet Barrel - Grey

SKU: hai16-5781GRY

CLEARANCE SPECIAL - OVERSTOCK ITEM Hydroair Adjustable VSR multiport jet barrel - smooth face - grey - older original style jet with 2 small locking tabs 125mm diameter jet face. Can replace the more common...

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