Australian Spa Parts - Spaquip Ampac Pulsar series replacement spa control systems

Davey Spaquip Ampac Pulsar 208x series spa control system replacement systems
Replaces 2081 SP, 2081SPX, 2082, etc

Davey Spaquip Spa Power 500A mkII Controller & Touchpad

SKU: sq500

Spaquip Spa Power 500A Mk II 10A Controller with : 1.5kw heater (10A) or 2.0kw heater (15A) including touchpad Control 1 x single speed pump and 1 x blower (or light, etc). Replaces 54500 and original 500A c...

Spaquip 1.5kw, 10A or 2.0kw 15A Spa Power 400 Controller, Touchpad Remote Heater Assembly - Pulsar, 2095 & Intuitive Series Retrofit

SKU: sq400pau-1xsq950xx5

Spaquip Spa Power 400 replacement system Spaquip / Aquaswim / Aquapacific Pulsar Series (1, 2, 3 and 4 button touchpads without displays) and Spaquip Intuitive Series (7 button touchpad with LED bar temp i...