Australian Spa Parts - Hot Spring Spas electric spa heater elements and spa heater tube assemblies

Hot Spring Spas, Tiger River Spas, Solana Spas and Hot Spot Spas replacement electric spa heater elements or heater assemblies

Hot Spring Spas 1500w Heater - 2003+ with flow switch

SKU: c3073-1t-kf

Hot Spring Spas 1500w circulation heater replacement kit for replacement of current models 2003+ with internal pressure switch cord Has ​2 x temperature sensor locations - hi limit and control. 1 x dire...

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Hot Spring Spas 1500w Heater - replaces 1989 - 1994 heaters with capillary thermostats

SKU: hss2052

Hot Spring Spas 1500w circulation heater replacement kit for models pre 1994 with copper capillary high limit thermostats replaces ALL older large grey plastic body heaters with coiled elements on pre 1994 ...

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Hot Spring Spas 1500w Heater 1995+ No pressure switch model

SKU: c3182-1s

Hot Spring Spas 1.5kw, 240v circulation heater 1995+ Used in this form from 2003+ Also replaces previous heaters on ALL models from 1995 with electronic temperature sensors, including 4 barrel heaters and ...

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Hot Spring Spas 1kw Cartridge Heater - Suits Hot Spot Spas

SKU: hs34802

Hot Spring Spas 1kw cartridge heater - used in Hot Spot Spas Marked - VULCAN P06, 1000W 230V, WATKINS MFG 34802D...


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Hot Spring Spas Solana 1.0kw Heater Tube Assembly

SKU: tpc2100-c2507-2

Hot Spring Solana Spa heater assembly HS 37436 with 1.0 kw heater element 2.5" Stainless steel tube 256mm Long w/union nuts. 257mm long tube. Has pressure switch location and thermowell depressions. 220-240v...


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Hot Springs Solana Spaquip Spa Power 600 / 601 Heater Element / Tube Assy - 1.5kw - Replacement Kit

SKU: sq80061t-hs

The original heater tube fitted to Hot Spring Solana Spa Power 600 series controllers, had flanged ends rather than threaded. The flanged tube / heater element assembly is discontinued. (image shows disconti...

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