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Rising Dragon spa filter parts

Rising Dragon Cartridge Mount Assembly - 1.5" Acme thread x 2" socket

SKU: RD641-1180-000

Rising Dragon cartridge mount with 1.5" acme thread and 2" socket with grate. Suits spas with moulded filter box for use in conjunction with Waterway 6" spa filter cartridges with 1.5" male acme thread. 2" s...

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Rising Dragon Telescoping Active Skim Top Mount Filter with Weir Vane - Graphite Grey

SKU: rd800-1101-c

Rising Dragon Active Skim Filter assembly complete with pleated filter cartridge and weir vane. Graphite Grey/Charcoal weir vane - filter has black components. The Weir Vane is required and MUST be fitted to...

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Rising Dragon Telescoping Weir Top Mount Filter Vane Weir - Graphite Grey

SKU: rdvaneweir

Rising Dragon telescoping weir top mount filter VANE WEIR - required to make standard telescoping filters legal and safe for use in Australia. Used in numerous spas that have used Rising Dragon filters. Used...

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Rising Dragon Weir Door ONLY - Oasis Spas - Grey

SKU: oa01.05.02.0346

Oasis Spas weir door Rising Dragon manufactured. Grey 353mm wide x 133mm high markings on door - SJD810-1140 and SJD810-1150 ...


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Rising Dragon Weir Frame & Door - Oasis Spas - Black

SKU: oa01.03.03.0750

Oasis Spas weir door / frame assembly. Rising Dragon manufactured. Black (previously grey and black/grey) 470mm wide x 285mm high Door 353mm wide x 133mm high markings on frame - SJD810-1110 markings o...

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