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Rising Dragon spa filter parts

Rising Dragon Telescoping Active Skim Top Mount Filter with Weir Vane - Graphite Grey

SKU: rd800-1101-c

Rising Dragon Active Skim Filter assembly complete with pleated filter cartridge and weir vane. Graphite Grey/Charcoal weir vane - filter has black components. The Weir Vane is required and MUST be fitted to...

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Rising Dragon Telescoping Weir Top Mount Filter Vane Weir - Graphite Grey

SKU: rdvaneweir

Rising Dragon telescoping weir top mount filter VANE WEIR - required to make standard telescoping filters legal and safe for use in Australia. Used in numerous spas that have used Rising Dragon filters. Used...

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Rising Dragon Weir Door ONLY - Oasis Spas - Grey

SKU: oa01.05.02.0346

Oasis Spas weir door Rising Dragon manufactured. Grey 353mm wide x 133mm high markings on door - SJD810-1140 and SJD810-1150 ...


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Rising Dragon Weir Frame & Door - Oasis Spas - Black

SKU: oa01.03.03.0750

Oasis Spas weir door / frame assembly. Rising Dragon manufactured. Black (previously grey and black/grey) 470mm wide x 285mm high Door 353mm wide x 133mm high markings on frame - SJD810-1110 markings o...

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