Spa Air Switches - Commercial / Specialty

Spa air switch control boxes with / without time clocks - air plunger button operated
Heavy duty airswitches designed for specific applications in commercial applications - designed to withstand regular and constant operation - incorporating off delay limited time of use relays to prevent excessive operation of spa equipment, reducing wear and running costs.

Our commercial controllers are designed to minimise user interference and damage, and to reduce wear and cost of running equipment when spa is no longer in use (pumps and blowers are often left running when the user leaves the spa).
Please contact us for any alternate control option or system you may require.

Balboa Water Group Simplex Electronic Spa Bath Pump Control Kit

SKU: bsimplex-k

Balboa Water Group Simplex Electronic Spa Bath Touch Button / Control System Kit ONE UNIT ONLY - SPECIAL PRICE Do not 'Backorder' if nil stock displays 1. Balboa Simplex Controller 2. Balboa Simplex Touch Bu...

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Spa Airswitch - single w/Auto Off

SKU: as01A

Single airswitch with built in auto off timer - 10A Times out after 10 / 20 / 30 minutes (SELECTABLE) - perfect for air blowers. Can also be used for pumps or any other application. Auto off can be set to...


Spa Airswitch - single w/Auto Off & Timeclock

SKU: as01t-p

Single airswitch with built in auto off timer and filtration timeclock - 10A Times out after 10/20/30 minutes. External timeclock sets pump filtration automation. Manual operation of the airbutton leads to a...

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Spa External Heater Integration Module - Heat Pump or Gas

SKU: sx-giu-no

External heat source integration module for portable spas Connect separate gas heaters, heat pumps or other heat sources to the electronic spa control pack to control heating from the spa touchpad. Suits ALL...

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