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American Products Luxury Spa Jets for spas and spa bath - now under the Pentair Brand

Jet internal barrels of the same model are all interchangeable - eg Luxury Scalloped Swirl and Directional, are all able to be installed in the same jet body - you are not restricted to exactly the same jet internal when replacing - why not upgrade!

These jets are all (except LS large face) 89mm D, Jet body requires a 65mm hole size through spa

Used on Monarch, LA Spas and many others
Very similar in appearance to a Chinese copy jet used by Freedom Spas and others - THESE ARE NOT INTERCHANGEABLE
Original American Products jet has :
Barrel on extreme rear is 44mm diameter, sleeve on rear of face is 54mm
a rotating centre with a solid fin joined to the nozzle, two air venturi ports 13mm wide x 16mm high.
The Emaux copy jet used on Freedom Spas and others has :
a deep scalloped fin and the nozzle can be pulled straight or out to rotate, two air venturi ports 16mm wide x 16mm high. This copy jet can be found under Jets - Emaux

American Products Luxury Emerald Cut 5 Point Turbo Swirl

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Available White (as pictured) Light Grey / Silver or Dark Grey....

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American Products Luxury Jet Body Complete - 3/4" x 3/8" Barbed

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American Products Luxury Jet Body Assembly - body and threaded wall fitting 3/4" water x 3/8…œ" air barbs 65mm diameter hole required. ...

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