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SP spa skimmer filters - used on Spa Industries spas - Signature Spas, Designer Spas, etc ans also sold as Davey Spaquip skim filters and used by Lanark Spas, plus many others

AS1926.3 Compliant Spa Skimmer Vent Kit - Mandatory Safety Device

SKU: Skim-vent-k

AS1926.3 Compliant Spa Skimmer Ventilation Kit - it's a mandatory requirement that skimmers on pools and spas are to be ventilated. This device/assembly provides that safety. 304 Stainless steel/graphite ve...

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SP Bullfrog / Spa Industries Weir Skimmer Filter Cartridge Mount Assembly - Charcoal

SKU: s30-186080

SP Sliding Weir style spa skimmer filter cartridge mount assy - Charcoal Grey Suits 2" SAE threaded mBU50 filter cartridges which have a 58mm OD thread. Used on Spa Industries Spas AFILADAS20 92mm diamete...

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SP Front Access 100 sqft Skimmer Filter - Grey

SKU: s30-114004-1

NO LONGER AVAILABLE REPLACE WITH THIS FILTER HERE - note that there is a sizing difference that will require screw holes to be drilled and will require extra care when sealing to the spa shell. SP Wid...

SP Weir Skimmer Filter Frame Assembly - Grey

SKU: s30-116000

SP Sliding Weir style spa skimmer weir door and frame assy - Grey ASKIWEIPLG Used on Spa Industries Spas 445mm wide x 405mm high Suits recess approx 385mm wide x 385mm high Sliding weir is approx 375mm wide ...

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SP Weir Skimmer Filter Lid - Infinity

SKU: s61-566007

SP Weir Filter clip on lid - Black RSNACFLINB Used on Spa Industries Spas - Infinity Spas These lids are labelled 'Infinity Swim Spas' 527mm wide x 348mm Held in place with 3 x locator / support Nubbie's...

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