Pool Tool

'O' Ring Pick

SKU: pt-134

'O' Ring Pick. Easily 'pick' an o-ring out of its groove For pumps, filters, jets, etc. Suits easy removal of any o-ring....

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Impeller Cleaning Kit

SKU: pt-141

Closed impeller cleaning kit - long nose pointy tweezers and wire hook These tools make it easy to remove foreign matter from impellers on pool and spa pumps...


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Lid Wrench

SKU: pt-110

Lid Wrench / Tool Makes it easier to remove pump or filter lids for cleaning/maintenance The tool has a kink in the centre to accomodate domed lids Rectangular opening approx 165mm x 54mm plus handle....

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Obstruction Wrench Pair

SKU: pt-133

Pair of Obstruction Wrenches / ring spanners 1/2" and 7/16" 5/8" and 9/16" Makes it easier to access and remove pump motor bolts etc....

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Pool Tool Anti-Electrolysis Zinc Sacrificial Replacement 2" Anode Kit

SKU: pt104R-Kit

Replacement zinc anode for 2" spigot and 2" tee sacrificial anode assemblies. Replace every 3 years or sooner if eroded away....

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Pooltool Sacrificial Anode for Ladders and Rails 40-45mm diameter

SKU: pt104-b

Pooltool Sacrificial Anode for Ladders and Rails 40-45mm diameter Protect valuable pool & spa equipment such as handrails and steps against corrosion as a result of stray currents / galvanic corrosion. Zinc ...

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