Australian Spa Parts - Titanium electric spa heater elements and spa heater tube assemblies

Titanium spa heater element advantages:

Titanium contains no iron and will not rust or corrode - resists pitting, oxidising and surface breakdown 10 times better than typical nickel alloy elements. Titanium is the best heater choice for salt systems and aggressive water conditions.

Titanium does not allow scale to harbour on the surface - titanium produces a dioxide film that constantly migrates to the surface, detaching any scale. Titanium is non-magnetic so will not attract particles that can harbour & corrode.

Titanium resists structural fatigue - with a low thermal expansion rate, titanium greatly reduces structural fatigue and fracture to elements. Titanium surface pores do not open when heated, thus keeping out harmful chemicals and particles.

TITANIUM is your best defense against chemical abuse and use in spa salt systems.

We have numerous electric spa heater elements available with Titanium construction as the option, including selected heater tubes also made from titanium. Our titanium spa heater elements are true 100% titanium - both element sheath AND bulkhead fitting are titanium so all metal in contact with the spa water is Titanium.
Unless stated otherwise, the element is titanium, the tube is generally stainless steel - we have titanium tubes available for Balboa M7. 

3.0kw Titanium Universal 10" Epoxycast spa heater element

SKU: hq12-E0104F-K

3.0kw, 240v universal titanium 10" spa heater element Element sheath: Titanium Element Bulkhead: Epoxy potted - the only metal in contact with the water is titanium. Corrosion is almost impossible with this...

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3.6kw Titanium Universal 7" Epoxycast spa heater element

SKU: hq12-E0113G-k

3.6kw, 240v universal titanium 7" spa heater element Element sheath: Titanium Element Bulkhead: Epoxy potted - the only metal in contact with the water is titanium. Corrosion is almost impossible with this ...

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5.5kw Titanium Universal spa heater element

SKU: tp25-4034-bi-ti

5.5kw, 240v titanium element to suit: Balboa including M7 Gecko Hydroquip and many others 100% titanium element for maximum chemical resistance and longevity...

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Aeware Heat.Wav flow through heater 2.0kw, 3.0kw or 4.0KW for in.xe and packs

SKU: aeware9920-10143x

Aeware Heat.Wav in line heater - to suit in.xe and in.y series spa controllers. 2.0kw, 3.0kw, 4.0kw 2kw and 4kw units used on in.xe as well as spa packs 3kw units used on and spa pack...

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Aeware In.Therm titanium remote flow through heater 3.8kw for in.xm & in.xm2 packs

SKU: aeware0603-421001

Aeware In.Therm titanium remote in line heater - 3.8kw, 240v, 50Hz, Suits Aeware In.xm & in.xm2 systems Used on Artesian Spas, Maax Spas and others CE version (USA version is 4kw)...


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Balboa Revolution 3kw Titanium Heater

SKU: b55970

NO LONGER AVAILABLE Use b58153 Heater and re-use the 2 mounting feet from the original heater. Balboa Revolution 3kw titanium heater assembly 240v, 50Hz ...

Compuheat 18kw TITANIUM spa heater element assembly

SKU: tp25-1488

COMPU-HEAT 18kw titanium heater element assembly LIMITED TO STOCK ON HAND - do not 'Backorder' if insufficient or nil stock displays. Consider a complete replacement Elecro pool / spa titanium heater. Suits ...


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Compuheat heater elements - No Longer Available

SKU: tp25-1487

NO LONGER AVAILABLE See below for options based on existing Compu-heat model: * 12kw -24kw heaters - replace heater with Elecro Optima Compact 12kw-24kw titanium heater * 36kw - 48kw heaters - replace heater...

Hot Spring Spas 1500w Heater - replaces 1989 - 1994 heaters with capillary thermostats

SKU: hss2052

Hot Spring Spas 1500w circulation heater replacement kit for models pre 1994 with copper capillary high limit thermostats replaces ALL older large grey plastic body heaters with coiled elements on pre 1994 ...

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