Latching Airswitch - Side Spout

SKU: ara111a

Latching air switch with side entry barb spout. SPDT - Air pressure alternates between open and closed circuit. 21A, 250v, 2hp rated These are a relatively large device - 42mm x 42mm x 46mm high....

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Pres-Air-Trol Contemporary Flush Air Button - White B225WF

SKU: ai3-15-0133

Pres-Air-Trol Contemporary Flush white air control 41mm hole required 64mm OD cap, 55mm length Although these are titled as 'Flush' they do project approx 11mm above the mounting surface. ...

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Pres-Air-Trol Gunite 1" Air Button - White

SKU: 59-369-1062

Pres-Air-Trol Gunite 1" flush air button. 25mm hole required - perfect replacement for Onga / Dega 38mm airbuttons which are obsolete. Also fits down inside 25mm / 1" pipe for inground spa / poolside install...

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