Australian Spa Parts - LX DH1.0 series Whirlpool spa pumps


LX Whirlpool Bath Pump DH1.0 spa pumps are rated 1hp and are single speed centre discharge pumps with the smaller 1.5" / 40mm plumbing unions.
DH1.0 pumps can be found on numerous Chinese imported spas but can also be used as suitable replacement pumps for the numerous pumps manufactured by other brands that are now obsolete with no real suitable alternative available.

DH1.0 pumps suits replacement of: Spaquip Scorpio, Spaquip Magnum, Spaquip Monster, onga 200 series, onga 400 series, and any other equivalent 1hp spa pump. 

As LX Whirlpool DH 1.0 pumps have self draining suctions, they can also be used in spa bath applications.
LX pumps carry a 1 year parts only warranty 

LX Whirlpool DH1.0 spa pump - 1.0hp - SPARE PART - DIRECT REPLACEMENT ONLY

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LX Whirlpool Bath Pump DH 1.0 spa jet pump with top centre discharge Used on numerous Chinese manufactured / imported spas Pre-fitted with AMP cord to suit Aeware and Balboa, supplied with 40mm / 1.5...

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