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LX spa circulation pumps

LX Whirlpool JA Series high flow circulation pumps

LX WhirlpoolJA series are single speed centre discharge spa jet pumps ideal to replace circulation pumps found on most Chinese imported spas.

LX pumps are manufactured in China by Guangdong Lingxiao Pump Industry Co. Ltd, and are sold with a 1 year parts warranty 

LX pumps are now used in a wide range of spas manufactured in Australia, USA and China and will easily retrofit as a replacement for any similar performance sized pump of any brand. USA sized threads are used so in many cases there is no plumbing change required.

All LX pumps we supply are Australian approved. 

LX Whirlpool JA35 spa circulation pump 0.35hp, 250w

SKU: lxja35

LX Whirlpool JA-35 circulation pump with top centre discharge - used on many Chinese manufactured / imported spas Supplied with unions. 230v, 50Hz, 0.35hp, 250w, 1.6A 2 year parts only warranty on LX pump...

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LX Whirlpool JA50 spa circulation pump 0.5hp, 375w

SKU: lxja50

LX Whirlpool JA-50 circulation pump with top centre discharge - used on most Chinese manufactured / imported spas as a circulation pump for heating/filtration Pre-fitted with AMP cord to suit Aeware a...

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LX Whirlpool TDA75 spa circulation / jet pump 0.75hp

SKU: lxtda75

LX Whirlpool TDA75 spa pump. Used as a large volume circulation pump, jet pump for up to 4 jets in spas and baths. Top centre discharge - used on some Chinese manufactured / imported spas as a circulation pu...

From $297.00

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